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Bereavement Support


Compassionate Care During Expected Pregnancy Loss, Stillbirth & Foreseen Newborn Death or Disability

"The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases."                    -C.G. Jung

Jung's theory in regards to living also applies to grief. it is never simple and could never fit into a box or be replicated. So often is tragedy anticipated, but never really expected. But how can we plan for something that can't even fit into a box? The only answer is we set our own path. Our bereavement doulas hold space for all stages of grief and meet you wherever you're at, in your journey, to help continue. To relieve some of the anxiety, we want to equip you, educate you, and nurture you however you need.

Pregnancy and childbirth are incalculable. 

We understand and honor this by providing compassionate care professionals to walk with you through this dark time, bringing as much light to your family's path as we can.

Your Compassionate Care Professional

  • Is present for challenging decisions

  • Helps plan for birth (as much as time allows)

  • Provides support throughout delivery

  • Help parents foster memory-making and bonding with their baby.

  • Guides through managing milk production

  • Supports through making memorial arrangements/coping with the trauma

  • Offers necessary resources and referrals

  • Makes themselves available to you

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