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The Fundamentals of Doctors and Doulas

Myth #1 Doulas get in the way of doctors.

Doulas do not get in the way of or contradict doctors, whatsoever. If your doula is acting within their scope the chances of this happening are 0%. Doulas and doctors work harmoniously together, not interchangeably. Doulas and doctors’ roles are polar opposites of each other as doulas are non-medical professionals and are not qualified to diagnose, treat, or prescribe anything.

Myth #2 If you love your doctor, you don’t need a doula.

While loving and feeling comfortable with your doctor is imperative, investing in a doula still holds numerous benefits.

  • While your doctor is watching over and caring for the physical well being of you and your baby, your doula is only focusing on your needs.

  • Throughout pregnancy and labor your doula is there for you to call on concerning non-emergencies and save your doctor for medical emergencies.

  • While your doctor may not have time to be there for your partner every step of the way, your doula does. A doula’s job is to support both parents as needed.

  • While a doctor is more than qualified to oversee a pregnancy, a doula can really supplement a doctor’s support with emotional and physical support

Here at Doulas of Broome County we have the utmost respect for doctors and the care they provide. We believe in building bridges with doctors, not burning them. Therefore, we leave their job 100% up to

them. If we wanted to be doctors or midwives, we would have chosen that profession. We encourage our clients to choose doctors that they are comfortable with to ensure they feel safe going to for all of their concerns and communicate openly.

To all the doctors out there, Doulas of Broome County formally thanks you for the long hours and hard work you put into your job. It is a pleasure working alongside such hardworking individuals.

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