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Do I Need to Hate Having a Cesarean?

When people hear the term cesarean, it is likely that one of the last things to cross their mind is having options. It’s a pretty common misconception that all cesareans are forced and terrible. Neither of these are true. A lot of people don’t know there are still choices to be made when planning one. Just because you’re having a cesarean does not mean that it is bound to be a negative experience. Actually, choosing one can be just as empowering as any other route. How you give birth is not what makes it memorable, how you feel about giving birth that way is. Every person deserves to feel 100% confident and supported about their experience.

We all know that having a vaginal birth is not always a possibility and, to some, that may leave them feeling inadequate or powerless. No one should feel that way when it’s not something that anybody can control. Taking charge of the parts of you can control is a simple, yet effective, way to restore some balance. Having confidence in your birth can be the deciding factor when looking back and feeling at peace about or discouraged.

A common misunderstanding is that having a cesarean is the birth plan instead of actually creating one. However, there are still various decisions to be made that individualize your birth. While it will of course vary from a vaginal birth plan because some options won’t be available, having one for your cesarean birth is still a valuable tool. Deciding who you want on your birth team, how you visualize the procedure being, and what happens immediately after the birth are things you usually still have control over. As long as everything goes smoothly, these are choices you can make.

Often people are not sure what the point of hiring a doula is when they are having a cesarean. Just like in any other situation, nonjudgmental support. Doulas are trained to work in any birth setting. They are still there for you throughout your pregnancy, helping you create your birth plan and prepare for the postpartum period. In some instances, your doula can even be by your side during the birth to offer continuous support. One of the advantages of having a doula attend your birth is guaranteed support initiating breastfeeding. Some even expand their support, providing postpartum doula services to improve the recovery period.

Recovering varies so greatly with each person that spending a little extra time creating a customized postpartum plan might relieve some unnecessary stress along the way. From minute things like freezing meals to seeking additional support, every bit helps. If you have older children maybe you have some banked playdates with friends or neighbors. Unfortunately, the physical aspect of recovery isn’t so predictable. If it reaches a concerning threshold for you, always contact your medical care provider first.

Whether you have no other options or you choose the cesarean, everyone deserves an empowering experience. Not every journey into parenthood is the same, but that is no indicator of how you’ll be as a parent. As always, if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. (607) 242-5373

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