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World Breastfeeding Week 2016 in the Southern Tier

This year August 1st through the 7th is Annual World Breastfeeding Week. If you’re wonder why there is a week dedicated to breastfeeding every year, I’ll give you some background before getting to the good stuff.

The United States has one of the lowest rates of breastfeeding in the developed world. While most new mothers start breastfeeding, over half stop by six months. Of the many reasons there are for discontinuing breastfeeding, the most common trace back to confidence, support, and proper education. (What’s normal and what’s not) Dedicating a week of awareness to breastfeeding each year brings people together by creating space for education, support, and confidence. Where ever you are located in the country, there is probably somewhere near by to partake in.

Broome County

Saturday, August 6th wear green or white and come out to show your support at the annual Breastfeeding Awareness Walk. Walk with the group across the highway and right into the Spiedie Fest with your friends/family. Step off is at 10am from the Dickinson Town Hall.

Monday, August 8th check out La Leche League of Greater Binghamton’s Family Picnic in replace of their monthly meeting. Join them at Arnold Park in Vestal, at 5:30. There will be babywearing demos, raffles, and MORE!

Steuben County (Corning)

If you’re in the area Saturday, August 6th head on over to Corning’s Civic Center and participate in their 3rd Annual Big Latch On. They too will be having a babywearing (but also breastfeeding) demo, raffles, and MORE! Proceeds go to assisting low income mothers with meeting their breastfeeding needs and goals.

These are just a fraction on the things you can do to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week. You can thank/commend someone for breastfeeding or just lend a nonjudgmental ear for some much needed support.

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