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Overnight Postpartum Doula Care in Broome County

Part of what sets Doulas of Broome County apart from other individual doulas and groups of doulas in our community is our availability. How could it TRULY be well-rounded or full spectrum support if night time parenting is just as (if not more) important as during the day and us NOT have a doula for you? There are so many contributing factors and obstacles of their own when it comes to nighttime parenting. It would be a disservice NOT to be available for up to half of your postpartum experience.

Let's go through some perks and maybe even misconceptions to overnight doula care together. Shall we?

SLEEP- (It's probably the first thing on everyone's mind anyway) Generally, only during deep sleep is the brain triggered to produce different hormones such as DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) and restores its neurotransmitters. There are so many other benefits of getting adequate sleep, both to our physical and mental health. Most of the crucial ones, especially for new parents, fall under mental health. Getting GOOD sleep can improve our concentration, productivity, and mood; reducing stress and the risk of developing any postpartum mood disorders. As new parents, it is important to remain healthy so it also helps that balance

d sleep strengthens our immune system. Your overnight postpartum doula understands the value of sleep and that getting it can help you to be a more involved parent. They actively work with your family to create a good environment and healthy sleep habits. When one family member is struggling to get adequate sleep it can affect anyone in the home and even lead to sleep deprivation, making daytime functioning even more difficult. The next thing you know the entire house is suffering in school, work, development, etc…

FEEDING- Some people believe that hired nighttime help (from baby nurses to postpartum & infant care doulas) mainly bottle-feed so parents can get their sleep. While that of course falls under the support your overnight doula CAN provide, (especially when working with multiples) really, they support and honor you and your baby’s feeding routine… whatever that looks like. Specializing in traditional AND modern families, doulas know that feeding styles and schedules differ with each family. If you need someone to get up with your baby and prep them a bottle so you can sleep, great. If you are looking for someone to change your baby and bring them to you to nurse when they wake, that’s also great! Our doulas are happy to do that and even grab you a drink and/or a snack in the process and settle baby back down afterwards. Doing this can also reinforce healthy and safe sleep habits by making sure you’re not falling back asleep nursing somewhere if you get up to feed. Some parents will get up to nurse on the couch or recliner in an attempt to stay awake, but still drift off to sleep once that oxytocin gets flowing. Also, picture this. You wake up in the morning ON YOUR OWN to a fed and changed baby, smiling and ready to bond! Tell me that isn’t an ideal start to your day. For parents that do supplement or exclusively bottle-feed, whether by personal choice or medical recommendation, having a doula overnight would be beneficial because this piece can be so challenging. Those extra set of hands when you’re overtired and it’s 3AM are GOLD.

PRACTICAL HELP- Our doulas are not, by any means, maids or housekeepers. However, have you ever read that fairytale The Elves and The Shoemaker where the shoemaker reached a rough patch and needed that extra bit of help to keep the ball rolling? How about the joy he felt when he woke up to those breathtaking shoes ready to sell? Replace those shoes with an empty sink (including sanitized bottles) or an organized nursery and imagine what a relief it would be to have your own little helper who wants to see you get ahead and simplify your morning routine a little. We may not be slaving away while you sleep, but we do know and understand the impact eliminating simple burdens can have on your mental health and the room it can create for you to flourish. A load of dishes here, one of laundry there, and baby shower gifts waiting to be organized can add up and quickly become overwhelming while also trying to care for you, your new baby, and whatever other responsibilities you might have. We love the opportunity to establish some balance within life’s responsibilities BEFORE it becomes too much.

MENTAL HEALTH- Without each of the above mentioned areas, alone, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders are a very real cause for concern and preparation. Add in each of these factors and woah! The number of birthing people especially, but even partners, who experience one or more postpartum mood disorder is pretty high. (1 in 5 birthing people and 1 in 7 partners) Experiencing one or more PMAD can be a slippery slope to recovery and even more challenging when you lack support. Things that with a clear mind are miniscule, but seem impossible in the midst of the storm. Ideally, your doula acts as preventative care from developing these. Realistically, they are also great support to seek out after realizing what you’re experiencing as part of your treatment plan too. Professionally trained doulas have all been trained how to screen for and respond to these illnesses. They are not, however, trained to be your sole method of treatment and do not replace the care of a doctor.

Give us a call today to interview our overnight postpartum doulas or for any additional information you are looking for. 607-242-5373

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