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Labor Support

There are many different ways to give birth and all are equally beneficial and deserving of the support of a doula. Because we have no control of the outcome of your birth, our doulas are trained to support ALL families and ALL births. Your doula team helps keep you grounded and coming out of your experience feeling confident and empowered.

Your doula team helps you discover and navigate your own, personal, birth philosophy. They support, and honor, every decision you make. They are by your side offering physical, emotional, and informational support throughout your pregnancy, birth, and even into your postpartum period. They act has a bridge, facilitating a positive relationship between clients and their providers. Not everyone’s needs are the same throughout this time so Doulas of Broome County is passionate about attuning to each families', individual, needs. You are guaranteed professional support in all birth settings; from home births attended by a midwife to medicated hospital births. 


When you hire a doula team, during your pregnancy and throughout your postpartum journey, you are getting much more than just a birth coach. You are investing in an entire support network. You are provided with a wide, customizable, range of support. That includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Birth plan consulting

  • Unlimited phone/email support

  • Coping strategies and comfort measures to aid in delivery

  • Encouragement and affirmation 

  • Continuous face to face labor support

  • Childbirth/newborn care education

  • Breast and bottle feeding support

  • Cloth diapering education

  • Local resources/professional referrals 

  • Rebozo sifting 

  • Postpartum support/placenta encapsulation

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