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Placenta Encapsulation in Broome County

​​​​​​​​​​Congratulations! Imagine for a second your baby being here and healthy, but you're having a more challenging recovery. Think about having access to something completely customized with biospecific hormones to combat common postpartum concerns.

Traditional Chinese Method has been using the placenta for thousands of years, believing to restore the warmth a person loses following birth, and therefore helping their body re-balance. The equal amount of yin and yang is believed to replenish nutrients and immunity lost during childbirth. New parents are choosing to have their placenta encapsulated to improve their postpartum experience.


Nicole is our encapsulator and enthusiastic about new parents enjoying their postpartum period rather merely surviving it. After much research and experiencing it with her youngest daughter, she decided to offer it publicly. In such a small community, she wanted to ensure other families this professional support she found so valuable. 


Nicole handles every placenta with the utmost respect. She consistently follows safe handling procedures through the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. To better suit clients' needs, Nicole can follow both the Raw and TCM Method. To further optimize each person's experience, Nicole offers additional options to complement your pills.



Commonly Reported Benefits

  • Increase in milk supply

  • Reduce the risk of Postpartum Depression

  • An additional boost in energy

  • Less postpartum bleeding

  • Faster recovery rate

  • Improved postpartum experience

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