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The Doulas of Broome County Promise

No matter which services you are investing in you can expect the same level of satisfaction across the board. That's because, regardless of the service our practice is providing, the entire team follows the same standard of care. While providing unconditional support, everyone also maintains constant professionalism. This is a unique and sensitive time to invite anyone into your space and our main objective is to enhance, not hinder, your experience. 

Support does not look the same for each individual. To honor that, Doulas of Broome County offers a comprehensive collection of packages and services to meet every growing family's needs. 

What to expect when hiring a Birth Doula

  • A professional doula team, on call as soon as contracts are signed.

  • Available by phone and email throughout your entire pregnancy

  • Unbiased, professional support

  • Continuous face-to-face support throughout labor

  • Any and all local resources to suit your needs

If you're not confident in what services or packages are right for you, we are readily available to help you navigate your options.

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