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Doulas of Broome County is a cutting edge, professional birth and parenting practice that serves the Greater Binghamton and surrounding areas. Always striving to be a pillar in their community and recognizing the support and education required during such a vulnerable time, they have been tailoring a team since 2016 to build this forward-looking practice to give you just that! A place to go for care that is compassionate, reliable, and authentic. They are experienced in working cohesively with partners, providers, and other professionals to ensure that each client receives the ultimate and most well rounded care possible. If Doulas of Broome County doesn't offer it yet, rest assured, they are working intently with an experienced professional who does. 

Pooling together decades of experience to provide the best pregnancy, birth, and postpartum support services in Broome County, allow me to introduce you to your dynamic team! 

Meet the owner


Nicole carries many positive qualities complimenting her birth work, but there is one in particular that really builds up families' rate of satisfaction. She is committed to providing professional and nonjudgmental support to everyone. She fully understands that there is not just one way to give birth or take care of a baby. That's why she founded her practice on the conclusion that the only choices that are important are yours.  She started to grow as a solo doula in the beginning of 2012, eager to learn and serve. In the Spring of 2016, it was time to take things to the next level by training professionally and establishing Doulas of Broome County. Nicole is trained, by Prodoula, as both a Birth and Postpartum Doula and holds numerous certifications in her field. To keep the practice well rounded and up to date, the team is regularly taking different trainings and attending cutting-edge workshops. With a heart for community and a desire to build bridges, she has ties with multiple organizations in the area


Professional Doula, Consultant, Educator, Placenta Encapsulator
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Nicole spent most of her childhood, and even the beginning of parenthood, in the small rural town in Upstate, New York of Lisle. It wasn’t until she was expecting her second daughter in 2011 that she developed a passion for the journey into parenthood. By the time. That's when she knew her future laid within offering other families that level of support.

Nicole is passionate about providing families with the tools they’re looking for to feel excited and confident about the journey they're embarking on. She holds your birth and parenting experience in the highest regards and believes you deserve nothing less than access to up to date, evidence based information and exclusive nonjudgmental support.

When Nicole is not robustly continuing her education in her work she is enjoying life with her four fantastic daughters and dog Loki.


Professional Doula

Nurjehan and Nicole met in 2016 and quickly learned that they both were passionate about supporting expecting and new families. Bringing her love of and attention to the postpartum period and her sparkling personality, Nuri is just the right fit for Doulas of Broome County. 


Photographer, Doula Trainee



Bethany grew up in Owego NY going on to study nutrition at SUNY Oneonta. It was there her passion for nutrition during pregnancy, the postpartum period, and breastfeeding grew, leading her to accept a position at WIC as their Tioga County nutritionist post graduation. There Bethany provided nutrition counseling from pregnancy to early childhood, along with while breastfeeding. After having to leave her job due to a high risk pregnancy that resulted in a five month NICU stay, lactation consulting and now pediatric feeding became even more important. In the following years, Bethany focused on being a mom and seeking a balanced lifestyle to comfortably sustain.


In 2018, Bethany combined what she’d already learned and experienced with her desire to help others to start offering private nutrition counseling. In 2019 she joined Doulas of Broome County, sharing the vision of well rounded support. She teams up with you to help find a healthy balance, providing a different kind of support throughout the perinatal period.


Remaining fairly local, she and her husband are raising their son, Killian. Bethany stays current with the latest research and is dedicated to continuing her education in this field. When she’s not working she's spending time with her husband, son and their extended family, writing, or binge watching her favorite TV shows.

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