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Hiring Doulas of Broome County FAQ

Where did you receive your training? Prodoula

How long have you been a doula? I have been a birth doula for four years and a postpartum doula for one.

What is your birth philosophy? My birth philosophy is that there is not one way to give birth and I hope that each individual feels confident and supported in their experience.

How does the hiring process work? Once you have decided you are interested in hiring a doula we send you out our customized information packages. During that time, or when you’re ready, we set up a complimentary consultation to answer any questions we may have for each other. After that, and once contracts are signed, we schedule our first prenatal appointment.

Do you attend home births? I will attend all home births that are also attended by a licensed midwife. I support all women’s choices, but I do not attend planned home births without a midwife.

When should I expect you to join me in labor? You decide when you need my attendance during labor. When you start to no longer feel comfortable going on without my presence, you call me. You may feel you need me in early labor at your home or maybe not until active labor and we can meet at the hospital.

Do you offer additional services or hold other certifications? I do. Doulas of Broome County also offers Placenta Encapsulation, Pregnancy & Birth Plan Consulting, and Belly Casting. I am also certified through ServSafe Food Handler and the American Red Cross for Bloodborne Pathogens Training to ensure proper handling of your placenta. I have also completed a Spinning Babies: Easier Birth With Fetal Positioning workshop.

What if I want a medicated birth or am planning a surgical one? The support you receive will be customized to fit your birth plan and outcome. Professional Doulas support all births, judgement free. We are happy to support your choices.

What happens if I go into preterm labor? You would still call and allot up to two hours to join you in labor. When you hire Doulas of Broome County you enjoy the benefit of having on call labor support, regardless of your gestation.

If I am not thinking straight can you speak for me? No. This is your show and your doula merely plays a supporting role. Doulas are not advocates and actively encourage you to advocate for yourself. Sometimes it is a good idea to also make sure talk about what you want with your partner, just in case you do have a hard time voicing your wishes/concerns.

What if you’re not able to attend my birth? With each family I support I make sure to have a back-up doula that will be ready to assist you in my absence.

Does hiring a doula mean I’ll have a positive birth experience? As much as we would love to, hiring a doula cannot guarantee the outcome of your birth. We work cohesively with partners, providers, and the rest of your birth team to create the best environment that we can.

How do you support partners? Doulas do not replace the support of partners. Instead, they work harmoniously to provide the birthing person with optimum support. We provide resources to both parents and we love teaching partners to support you better from pregnancy, throughout birth, and even during the postpartum period. Maybe your partner couldn’t attend all the prenatal visits, but wants to actively participate in the birth. Your doula can help them fill in the blanks.

When should I hire a doula? Whenever. You can hire a doula at any time during your pregnancy, from conception to your estimated due date. (E.D.D.) To fully take advantage of all the services provided, hiring one by your third trimester is a good idea.

What areas do you serve? All of Broome County and a lot of Tioga County. I travel to Apalachin and Owego. For placenta clients, I extend my service area to Marathon, Newark Valley, Nichols, and Little Meadows PA..

Are Postpartum Doulas just for women suffering from Postpartum Depression? No. Although a Postpartum Doula is an excellent tool for people who are suffering from a Perinatal Mood Disorder, we do not exclusively work with affected families. We work with families in all walks of life.

Aren’t Postpartum Doulas basically nannies? Definitely not. While some of your doula’s duties might resembles that of a nanny, (such as basic household tasks and helping with the baby/othe children) that is not the point of investing in a Postpartum Doula. A Postpartum Doula does support the entire family, but their main focus is mothering the mother. Is her transition into parenthood as seamless as it could be?

What is the payment process like?

Birth Services- A 50%, nonrefundable, down payment is required when the contract is signed in order to secure your E.D.D. on our calendar. The remaining 50% is due by 37 weeks.

Postpartum Services- A minimum of 10 hours must be contracted to book your postpartum doula and a 50% down payment will be made. The remaining balance must be paid before the contract is completed. For larger packages there are more options for down payments and payment plans.

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